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Monday, 20 August 2012

Raven Appreciation II: A Year Living Together

♡ A Year Living Together ♡
It has now been a year since Raven and I moved to Scotland together. Our 1 year anniversary of living together was on the 20th of this month.  Nobody's been killed, the apartment building hasn't been suddenly replaced with a crater and there have been no major arguments: I call this a resounding success! I must admit I was really nervous when first moving up to Scotland; it was a new city, a new country, a new job, a new life with the man I love... a new everything! Yes, I was made redundant within a month of taking up my new job, and ended up unemployed for a while, but those are the risks of a recession, and Raven has been hugely supportive of me during that time. On the whole it has been a wonderful, wonderful experience. I have fallen in love with Scotland, and fallen even more in love with Raven. 

Tugging Raven's jacket off him. My old music corner, April '10
Photograph by Raven.

Raven and I have been together as a couple for a few years now, and I still love him as much today as I did when we first got together. It is a cliché, but I love him more each day than I did the previous, and will love him a little more the next. He is worth waxing lyrical about (read ::Raven Appreciation I::), but I'm not very good at that sort of thing and it always seems strange gushing like that in public. 

Oh, here I go anyway... 

Raven is a very kind, thoughtful, loving person; the sort of person that is always considerate of others and who worries about everyone (even though we're all fine, really!). He's hardworking, diligent, and sees "above and beyond" as the standard. He's a romantic (lower-case 'r') who sends flowers, hand-written letters, and adorable notes. He knows when I need chocolate. He is exceedingly patient, and manages to cope with my bouts of irrationality and over-emotionalness (is that even a word?) and my delving into obsession with my topic-of-the-moment. Raven is outdoorsy and adventurous; he thinks ideas like touring Europe on motorbikes and climbing random mountains are good ideas, and doesn't think that foraging for wild food in the autumn is strange. Raven is creative, and supports me in my creativity. He is, altogether, a wonderful human being. 

Dear readers, please extricate yourselves from that mass of sticky sap before I end up glueing you all together.  

Later Note:

I am entering this blog post for Victorian Kitty's monthly theme of "Someone Special" over at Sophistiqué Noir, as Raven is certainly someone very, very special to me. Victorian Kitty's blog is a very interesting fashion blog focusing mostly on her work attire, and is very well put together (as are her outfits, consistently) and she certainly deserves the title of "Corporate Goth Style Icon".  Check out her blog, and those of the other participants in this month's theme. 


  1. Apart from pass me the bucket, the only thing I can add is the two of you suit each other well and I am extremely lucky to count you both amongst my friends who are always there above and beyond the call of friendship

  2. I ready one of those awful "relationship" articles on Yahoo a few months ago, but one thing stuck in my head. It said "find a guy who will be your personal cheerleader", which sounds a little goofy to me, but at the same time, sweet. Your Raven sounds like this to me, someone who is happy, not jealous of your accomplishments. Lucky you!

    1. He is :3 But he'd have no need to be jealous, anyway! He's very good at a lot of things - he far outdoes me in martial arts, is an excellent photographer, makes a good nurse (that's his current job), is good at managing things (his old job), loves food and cooks delicious dinners, plays the guitar really well, is very good at industrial dancing etc. etc. etc.! I could blather on and on and on :3

  3. I *love* that photo. It's such a blessing to find that one perfect person that you are truly compatible with and meant to be with. Thank you for adding this post to our theme this month!

    1. Raven took the photo with a tripod and a timer, and the rose was from a bunch of flowers he'd given me. I'm actually doing a full-colour double-portrait of us based off it, but with a less full background.

      It is :) I've been through some less than pleasant relationships in the past, and am so happy to have met someone as wonderful as Dave :)

  4. Love hearing about your love! And love the photo! Here's to many more years of blissful gothic love!


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