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Goth is not just about imitating each other, it is a creative movement and subculture that grew out of post-punk and is based on seeing beauty in the dark places of the world, the expression of that in Goth rock. It looks back to the various ways throughout history in which people have confronted and explored the macabre, the dark and the taboo, and as such I'm going to post about more than the just the standards of the subculture (Siouxsie, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, et al) and look at things by people who might not consider themselves anything to do with the subculture, but have eyes for the dark places. The Gothic should not be limited by what is already within it; inspiration comes from all places, the key is to look with open eyes, listen carefully and think with an open mind..

Friday, 28 August 2015

I Was Disconnected From The Internet

I apologise to all my readers. I have recently moved house, following a trip to visit family in Wales, and I was supposed to have my new house reconnected ages ago, but there was an error on the part of our provider and internet access was delayed. I only had occasional internet on my mobile phone at places with internet access (such as cafes offering wi-fi to customers), so not enough to update my blog and inform readers. I am back, though, and I start university next week! Lots of exciting things going on right now. I will try and keep things up-to-date here, but I am quite busy, so it may be patchy. Apologies in advance if I vanish again; I have a house to renovate and a university course in architectural technology to begin!


  1. Sounds like a lot of good things all at once! Glad you're doing well =D

    1. I'm stressed, tired and busy, but things are looking up :)


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