My personal blog as a 'grown-up' Goth and Romantic living in the Highlands of Scotland. I write about the places I go, the things I see and my thoughts on life as a Goth and the subculture. Sometimes I write about music I like and sometimes I review things. This blog often includes architectural photography, graveyards and other images from the darker side of life.

The Gothic subculture is not just about imitating each other, it is a creative movement and subculture that grew out of post-punk and is based on seeing beauty in the dark places of the world, and looks back to the various ways throughout history in which people have confronted and explored the macabre, the dark and the taboo, and as such I'm going to post about more than the just the standards of the subculture (Tim Burton, Siouxsie Sioux and Anne Rice et al.) and look at things by people who might not consider themselves anything to do with the subculture, but have eyes for the dark places. Goth should not be limited by what is considered "goth", inspiration comes from all places, the key is to look with open eyes, listen carefully and think with an open mind..

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This page is to provide a navigation tool for my blog that is easier to use than the tag list in the sidebar. Posts are listed under (hopefully) helpful headings, and some may be duplicated as may fit under more than one category. Some of the categories have no posts at the moment, but will do in the future. 

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Art & Photography
❋ Photo Gallery
My Artwork
Other Artists
Art History

 Structures & Architecture 
Ecclesiastical Buildings
✥ St. Mary's Catholic Church, Inverness
✥ Architecture, Statuary and Suchlike In Inverness
✥ Spires, Skies & Shadows (Free North Church & Old High Church Graveyard)

✥ Old High & Free North Churches and Dramatic Skies
✥ Inverness Cathedral
✥ Barevan Church and Graveyard
✥ Rait Castle & Barevan Graveyard: Raven's Photographs
✥ St Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Edinburgh
✥ The Hub: Church Turned Venue, Edinburgh
✥ Inverness Churches
Cemeteries, Graveyards, Monuments & Statues
✥ Chapel Yard Cemetery, Inverness
✥ Architecture, Statuary and Suchlike In Invernesss
✥ Old High & Free North Churches and Dramatic Skies
✥ Graveyards, Buildings and Inverness
✥ Snow, Graveyards and Executions
☾ Clava Cairns: Ancient Tombs and Pagan Magick
✥ Glasgow Travels: Part 2 (Various Old Buildings & Necropolis)
✥ Barevan Church and Graveyard
✥ Rait Castle & Barevan Graveyard: Raven's Photographs
✥ Chapel Yard Cemetery In The Snow
✥ Inverness Castle

✥ Cilgerran Castle & Teifi Gorge
✥ Cawdor Castle
✥ Douglas Castle Gatehouse
✥ Wallingford Catle
✥ Rait Castle
✥ Rait Castle & Barevan Graveyard: Raven's Photographs
✥ Edinburgh Castle 1
✥ Edinburgh Castle 2
Domestic and Civic Gothic & Gothic Revival
✥ Gothic Style, Architecture and Modernity
✥ Inverness Town House
✥ Graveyards, Buildings and Inverness
✥ Forres Mercat Cross
✥ Scottish National Portrait Gallery
✥ Craig Dunain (Inverness District Lunatic Asylum)
Other Structures
✥ Eden Court Theatre: Photography and Architecture
✥ Columns, Sunsets & Skies
✥ Glasgow Travels: Part 2 (Various Old Buildings & Necropolis)
✥ Glasgow Travels: Part 3 (Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art)
✥ Hanover Street Bank

 Music & Musicians
Goth, Post Punk and Coldwave
Gothic & Symphonic Metal
Other Music

 Style & Grooming
Clothes & Accessories
My Personal Style
♕ Romantic Goth & Gothic Lolita: Where I Stand (Joining Lolita, Mar 2014)
♕ "Why Are You Dressed Like That?" - The Motive Behind The Frills
✥ Clothes, Make-Up and Me Being Vain
✥ World Goth Day 2012 Work Outfit
✥ Red Blouse, Black Suit Work Outfit (Red and Black Week '12)
✥ Red Hair, Black Ribbons, White Lace (Red and Black Week '12)
✥ Wintery Work Wear
♕ 'Black Friday' Outfit
♕ Black Dress, Red Hair, Green Meadow (Red and Black Week, '14)
✥ 7 Days, 7 Corset Outfits
✥ Casual Romantic Goth
✥ Vintage-Inspired Summer Outfit
♕ International Lolita Day (Winter 2014)
♕ Asking For Advice On Lolita Hair Accessories
✥ Clothes, Make-Up and Me Being Vain
✥ Vanity, Vignettes and my Glasses
✥ Purple Lipstick, Cyber-Goth Make-up and Goggles
✥ Colour & Goth Style (With Make-up Photos!)
✥ Vintage Inspired Gothic Make-up
✥ Make-up For Dinner With Friends
Hair & Wigs
✥ Purple Hair Again!
✥ Short Hair!
✥ "Is that your REAL hair?"
✥ Green Hair!
✥ Going Back To Black
✥ Gradient Green Hair (Green Ombre)
Tutorials & Projects
✥ Babybats, ElderGoths and In-between
✥ Symbolism, Fashion and Pentacles
✥ Confidence, Competitiveness and the Goth Community
✥ Stereotyping From Within The Subculture & Inclusivity: Part 1 (Money)
✥ Stereotyping From Within The Subculture & Inclusivity: Part 2 (Gender)
✥ Stereotyping From Within The Subculture & Inclusivity: Part 3 (Ethnicity)
✥ Politeness and Goth Part 1: Why Be Polite?
✥ Politeness and Goth Part 2: When Others Are Rude
✥ Politeness and Goth Part 3: Advice On Being Goth In Public
Clubbing & Events
✥ Alternative X (Nov 2012)
✥ Clubbing Etiquette
✥ Neil Gaiman: Talk And Book-Signing
✥ Rapture Rock Night (Dec 2013)
✥ Alternative Mini-Meet (Jan 2014)
✥ Alternative X (October 2014)

Combating Anti-Goth Prejudice
✥ Goth, Hate and Ignorance
✥ Sophie Lancaster: Remembering on her Birthday
✥ Media Speculation And The Connecticut Shooting
✥ Subcultural Appropriation (When Goth Gets Appropriated)
✥ Manchester Police, S.O.P.H.I.E and Subcultural Hate Crimes
✥ Goths, Depression and Assumptions
✥ Sophie Lancaster: Six Years On
✥ How To Avoid Wearing An Insulting 'Goth' Hallowe'en Costume
✥ "Is that your REAL hair?" (Having Good Manners Around Those With Unusual Hair)
✥ Acceptance, Defiance and Difference

Recipes & Food
Home Crafts

Feminism & LGBTQ+
Spirituality & Philosophy
✥ Dark Romanticism & Goth
Sports & Martial Arts
My Life
Other Subcultures
Everything Else

Please feel free to copy and pass around text I have written on this blog, on the condition that you MUST credit me as the original author. Print off as many copies as you like and hand them out if you want to! I'd actually quite like people to disseminate what I write because I write this blog to be informative and educational. By all means quote any part of this blog. 

Photographs taken by other parties (including ones taken of me; I'm just the model) have their copyright remain with the original photographers. Photographs by others are clearly credit as such on my blog. Some photographs are taken by me, and some photographs are taken by others, and those photographers often don't want photographs they took just shared about (often it is because attribution, etc. gets lost), so please don't share photographs without asking me first. 

I will get rather cross if you try selling my work (including text) or passing it off as your own. If you want to use something I've done for commercial purposes (or hire me as an artist), contact me - I'm sure we can work something out (I'm friendly!). 

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